Their First Meeting_(1)

Once in the van...and out of sight, she found a nearby secluded area where she would change.She slipped on a skirt, just above the knee, and a sexy opaque blouse, that would not reveal to anyone that she was braless underneath.Along with that, she slipped on some thigh high nylons, to give the illusion that she was wearing pantyhose, when in fact she even ditched her panties.To complete the ensemble, she wore some sexy knee-high boots with a sexy stiletto heel.She arrived first grabbed a coffee..and waited impatiently.Finally he arrived, in snug jeans and t-shirt.This was his standard fare, and he didn’t want to raise any suspicion among his family.He spotted her right away.He could feel the increasing crowded feeling in his jeans as his 6 ½ cock had absolutely nowhere to go. Seeing that she had a drink, he casually walked up to her and said “Tracy” (not her real name), “It’s so nice to finally meet you.”She stood up, slightly taller than him in her sexy heels and they hugged.Against their urges to strip and fuck right there, it was a cordial hug then he said “Do you need a refill?I’m going to grab a drink.”She said that she was fine, knowing now that she wasn’t.She could feel herself getting wet and thinking that she wished that she had worn panties because she might soak through her skirt.He returned with his coffee and they began to chat.

“it’s very nice to finally see you.” He said

She smiled “It’s nice to finally see you too.”

They were at a table near the back.The shop was fairly empty.As she spoke, she took her foot and gently brushed his leg with it.

Biting his lip he whispered, “You probably want to stop that, or I won’t be able to stand up for a while.”

“I know” she said playfully. “That’s what I’m hoping for.”

“You’re not..uhm... disappointed...are you?” she asked.

“Absolutely not.” Glancing down at his crotch “and neither is he.” He winked at her

He broke the awkward chatter with “Are you as ready for this as I am?”

She nodded in silence, unable to speak at the moment as she was trying hard to keep herself from cumming right there in the Tim Horton’s.

“Is the hotel nearby?” he asked.

She nodded “Yes... would you like to go now?”

“Only if you’re okay with it.” He replied.

With that she stood up, and reached for her coat.As she slipped it on, he could see her hardened nipples pressing firmly against her blouse.“What a beautiful sight” he thought to himself.

He walked her to her car.“I’ll follow you.” He said.That’s me over there, the minivan.

They both got into their cars and started for the hotel.It wasn’t the Ritz Carleton, but it wasn’t a “Pay by the hour” either.They both knew why they were going there and they didn’t want to pay alot.No credit card traces, just cash.

They arrived.Since she had made the arrangements, she checked them in, grabbed the key and walked outside.He was waiting for her.

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this...I’ve never done anything like this in my life.” He said

“I can’t believe it either.... neither have I” she replied nervously.

They got to the room...opened the door and went inside.

Closing the door, they took off their coats and turned to look at eachother.

The room was electric, they instantly began to kiss passionately, just embracing at first.

He broke the kiss with “Look.... I’m nervous as hell.... if at anytime.... no matter when.. you want to stop this.... you just say so...okay?Promise?No matter when?”

She nodded “..and the same goes for you too.There will be no bad feelings about anything.I promise.”
With that they resumed. As they kissed... he began to unbutton her blouse, kissing her neck.She had always wanted to “do him first” but the woman in her was feeling things that she had never felt before, at least not with her husband, so she tilted her head to the side allowing him to nibble on her neck and earlobe while he continued to unbutton her blouse.He undid the first 4 buttons, which revealed a beautiful cleavage.As he continued to kiss her, he slipped his hand inside of her blouse, gently caressing her breast, but intentionally not touching her nipple. She squirmed, he continued to kiss as they made their way to the bed, after locking the door and placing the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside.

She laid down on the bed and he laid next to her.... still fondling her firm breasts, he unbuttoned another button, then another, until they were all undone.Slowly, he pulled her blouse open to reveal her gorgeous breasts.Her nipples were so hard that they ached. He finally touched one of them.. circling it and gently pinching it.She moaned immediately.He slid down her body and began to suck on the other one.She knew that she was about to cum already.“I have to get my skirt off... I’m going to cum all over it..” she said between pants of breath.He slowly unclasp it then unzipped it.Sliding it off of her so gently and placing it over the chair.There she was, in her knee high boots, thigh high stockings, her wet blonde trimmed pussy exposed and her blouse open.She felt out of control, and loved every minute of it. He slowly unzipped her boots and pulled them off, along with her thigh highs, one by one.As he did so, she shed her blouse and now lay there completely naked.

Knowing that she was going to probably cum really hard, he began to take his clothes off also.Her eyes were wide opened as she watched him.For 45 he looked good, damn good, she thought.She knew that he worked out alot and it showed.Now also completely naked, with a raging hardon, he returned to the bed and began to suck on her tits once again.“I can’t help it, you look so delicious and I want to make you cum so badly” he said. Moving down.. he reached down and draped her legs over his shoulders, first one, then the other.He kissed her stomach, her belly button, licked her bush and moved to her inner thighs, again, intentionally avoiding where she wanted him so badly.By now, she actually had a small flow going, so wet that it was leaking out and down over her ass.The tip of her clit pushed though her moist lips as if to scream “I’m here... what about me!?”.He moved closer... finally with no hands, he let his tongue part her now dripping wet lips and slid it the length of her slit.She tasted like honey and he couldn’t stop.Licking more and more, he paused at her clit, covered it with his mouth and began to suck gently.As he did this, he slid two fingers inside of her, probing with a “come over here” motion, and trying to stroke her g-spot as he sucked harder on her clit.

“Oh my god...yes.... right there....” she cried out as she began to hold his head, pressing his face deeper against her wet mound.

He asked her “Have you ever squired before?” he asked her between licks.

“No, I’ve cum really hard...and when I’m chatting with you I get totally soaked, but I’ve never squirted.” She replied

“Ok, squeeze your pussy, like you are trying to stop yourself from peeing. As I rub your g-spot and lick you it’s going to feel like you will have to pee really badly.Don’t worry about it.Just keep squeezing.Do that as long as you can stay sane.When you can’t take it anymore, just push gently, like you do when you pee.”

She nodded between her trying to catch her breath.He continued licking and stroking.Feeling her g-spot hardening, like a little acorn, he knew she was close. Her moans and gyrations only excited him more, he went faster and licked and sucked her clit harder.She bucked and panted through her moans and finally let out a scream “Oh god...i can’t take it anymore...” as she began to push.. a wave came over her as she squirted for the first time in her life.It was a real gusher and got him totally soaked.He was so happy that he had taken off his clothes, or they would have been soaked with her juices.How would he explain that one to his family?

She laid there for a moment trying to catch her he slid up her body...and began to kiss her again.She stopped him saying “My god..that was the most intense orgasm that I’ve had in my entire life.Thank you so much.Now, after that performance, I have to return the favour.”

They kissed some more....and she slowly rolled him onto his back... moving down... to his firm chest.She knew from their chats that his nips were very sensitive.She began to lick them and kiss them and suck on them.... this only make him even harder and thicker.“Oh fuck yes...” he moaned... she continue with pleasure. She slid her hand down his body, he was totaly shaved.He had been experimenting over the holidays, it was so smooth.She caressed his shaft with her hand...not touching the tip just yet.She played with his balls too..while she continued her oral assault on his chest.“mmmmmmmmmmm”he moaned out loud...“yess.... that feels so good.”

Slowly she moved down, her pussy still dripping from the amazing orgasm that he had given her.She kissed his stomach...his belly button.... and got to the freshly shaven area just above the base of his shaft.Sliding her tongue along his shaft, she got to his head.Licked it gently as she looked up at him.She remembered that he had never received a blowjob before and was going to make this one memorable.She took his head into her mouth...slowly sucking on it.... then a little more....and more... soon all 6 ½ inches were inside of her mouth.She sucked slowly..allowing him to fully enjoy the sensation. The expression on his face told the whole story.She was taking him to a place where he had never been before, and he was thoroughly enjoying the trip.

“Oh fuck... that’s so amazing... i’m gonna cum....” he said...

She simply continued, looking up nodding and winking at him...

“ it comes...oh..oh...ughhh” as he tensed up... trying to shove his cock even further down her throat he unleashed a blast of warm cream that she was waiting for, for so many months.I tasted heavenly as she gulped down every drop of it... still looking up into his eyes.Once it was all gone and she began to feel him go limp, she let it slip out of her mouth and slid back up his body to him.“So..was it worth waiting 45 years for?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Still trying to catch his breath, he said “That was pure heaven.Come here...”, he said with authority.

With that they began to kiss again.His hands where exploring her body, and her hands, his.It didn’t take long for him to recover, and, as for her, she was already ready.She could feel his shaft growing once again and this time she knew where she wanted it.As they kissed, she straddled him, first resting his cock on her stomach as she sat on his thighs.His hands were playing with her tits...he whispered to her “come here..” and pulled her down toward him.Once again, he began an oral assault on her tits.As he did, she shifted herself a bit, causing his hard cock to slip to her awaiting opening.She merely shifted a bit more and it slid inside of her with ease.The feeling was incredible.Her online lover had his hard cock inside of her and she loved it.She was so wet and so inviting.Fucking her was so much better than fucking his wife.Tracy was different, she wanted to be fucked and it made her pussy that much more inviting. After having received that blowjob, he had alot of staying power.They fucked hard for a while, changing positions now and then.They were both in heaven.She was getting close and she knew it..”cum inside me” she cried out.With that, he rolled back onto his back and let her straddle him again.She sat upright, her hands on his chest, his on her tits.They could feel it building. “Oh god baby, cum all over my cock...” he said as he pinched and twisted her nips gently. This sent her over the edge as she released another wave of her warm juices, all over his cock.He could feel it leaking out of her.He started to fuck her faster... “oh yes....i’m close.... ride me... yes... oh....”

With that... he tensed up, and grabbing her hips pinned her to him as he thrust up hard and came deep inside of her.The warm feeling of him cum pulsing inside of her cause her to have a 3rd orgasm right there.This caused her to cry as she collapsed onto his body.“Oh thank you so much.I needed this so bad.I’ve never made love like this before.It was the most incredible thing that I’ve felt in my life.”As he held her close, he whispered into her ear “... and thank you.For my first blowjob which was the most incredible thing that I’ve ever experienced. I wish that I could fuck you all weekend long and never leave here.”With that, he just held her tightly.

A while later they got up.She suggested that they shower before leaving.This gave him another chance to reload.While she was in the shower, he came in quietly and closed the door behind him.He tapped lightly on the shower curtain saying “I think that we should save water.” She opened the curtain for him and they make love once again in a slippery soapy environment.

After the shower, they got dressed and said their goodbyes, not sure if this opportunity would ever come again.They would return to their frustrated lives, to their secret online rendez-vous, but this time, it would be different, because they could take those amazing memories with them.

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Their First Meeting_(1)